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The analysis of the human microbiome (genome of memberThe analysis of the human microbiome (genome of members of microbiota that is composed of billions of micro-organisms) is an emerging research area of considerable interest in human health and diseases. Disruption of the microbial community is a major risk factor for many diseases such as metabolic syndrome, immune disorders, cancer development, and is linked to limited response to treatment.
In the last decade, numerous initiatives and projects were launched to take advantage of new, high-throughput technologies to characterize the human microbiome and to explore its relationship with health/diseases. Also concrete actions were engaged to provide a tangible response to the need to standardize and harmonize study methods and protocols, as well as regulations.
Despite the increasing number of European and International initiatives on human microbiome, very few studies have been carried out in North Africa (NA). Therefore, there is an urgent need in NA for the development of skills in human microbiome analysis.
With the support of the EU partners (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA)-Jouy en Josas and Aix Marseille University () from France and Florence University (UNIFI) from Italy), USFAX, aims to be a leading force in the region by: (i) increasing its staff capacities using new technological approaches such as Shotgun metagenome sequencing for the analysis of the human microbiome (ii) adopting a standardized approaches for collecting samples and analyzing data (iii) setting up and coordinating a consortium on human microbiomeat NA level building to start with on existing collaborations with Morocco, Algeria and Egypt that we have named “the North African Human Microbiome Consortium” (NAHMC).
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